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TimeSeries Connector: big data just got better!

Do you want to process billions of records in a split second? Do you want to gain insight into complex and vast amounts of data? Check out the TimeSeries Analytics platform combined with the Mendix TimeSeries Connector! Learn how to supercharge your Mendix applications with the TimeSeries Analytics platform using the TimeSeries Connector!

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Infinite scaling

The intelligent infrastructure based on microservices creates infinite scaling capabilities for processing and storing data. The platform grows as your business grows!

High impact analytics

Use the power of Spark, R or use the TimeSeries channels and streams to segment and analyse your data. Make your data tangible, structured and useful to your business.

Cloud Born

TimeSeries Analytics is a product born in the Cloud! It runs on any desired platform such as Google Cloud, IBM BlueMix, Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure and has excellent integration possibilities. Run it on premise if needed.

AI Ready

A multitude of available plugins lets you execute Artificial Intelligence algorithms on your data to take the next step in advanced big data analytics.

Grow as you go

The TimeSeries Analytics platform is cost efficient by using a grow as you go price model.

API Enabled

Connect to any type and source of (un)structured data through our RESTful API.

What we offer you

TimeSeries provides you with a demonstrational environment to explore the functionality of the TimeSeries Analytics platform. We also provide you with a ready to use connector called the TimeSeries Connector, which you can plug into your Mendix applications.

This allows you to experiment with an existing data set and see how it fits your business model, data-driven goals and how it can supercharge your Mendix applications. If needed, TimeSeries can provide you with a custom environment, tailored to your needs.

If you have any custom requests for the TimeSeries Analytics platform, please use the Contact Form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

How to get started with the TS Analytics platform

Step 1 Create a Mendix project or open an existing one to import the TimeSeries Connector from the Mendix App Store.
Click here for the direct link

Step 2 Request a TimeSeries Analytics API Key for free using the API Key Registry form below. It's super easy!

Step 3 Set up your product according to the pre-requisites described in the documentation.

Step 4 Start experimenting and exploring your data with the TimeSeries Analytics platform!

API Key Registry form: register for free!


An API key will be sent to your e-mail address.
Note: It can take up to a few hours to generate the key and send it to you. Use this key to activate and access your TimeSeries Analytics instance.


Collect, store and process huge amounts of data

The introduction of the smart meter opened up a whole range of new possibilities, ranging from dynamic pricing and better balance management to gaining real insight into energy consumption for both consumers and businesses alike. The challenge was how to gather, store, analyse and present this ever growing amount of data in an efficient and scalable manner. TimeSeries created the backend of an app which provides insight into the daily energy consumption of over 200.000 households. This backend takes care of the scalable storage and analysis of all energy usage data receiving, processing and analysing over 120.000.000 measurements per day.

Predictive maintenance: the next step in asset management!

Owners of buildings have no insight into the use of their elevators, while the cost of maintenance is significant and downtime causes a major discomfort. By using IoT sensors and the LoRa network, TimeSeries created a system which monitors and visualises the usage of elevators within specific buildings. Using the gathered data, our predictive maintenance algorithms determine at which moment in the future, maintenance is needed and at which times during the day this is the least disruptive for the users of these elevators. This leads to reduced cost of maintenance, fewer disruptions and a higher availability of the elevators.

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